I Am Luis The

I specialize in Computers and Networks, Hardware and Software Development

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I Specialize In

Computers, Hardware, Software, OS, Applications, Servers, Networking. Everything related with your network deployment and use. And also Graphic Design and Website Development.

Information Technology

Experienced IT professional, with more than 15 years of experience working with and on computers. Strong knowledge of network structures and devices.

Customer Support

Extensive experience in customer support on site and remote. Assertive and clear with clients and co-workers

Graphic Design

Detailed graphic designer for websites and all kind of product package and personality. Brainstorming of concepts for new ideas.

Web Development

Development of websites for different requirements. From the use of ready made templates to use of frameworks and deep coding detail in native languages.

  • IT Clients Serviced
  • 650
  • Website Projects
  • 26
  • Graphic Design Projects
  • 62
  • Years of Service
  • 24

My Directives

Quality of service, keeping the needs of my client on first place

Excellence In Service

Perfect attention to details, best presentation, attentive to the requeriments of the task

Listening To The Client

Discuss the issues to fully understand the needs of my clients, always available

On Time Delivery

Scheduling times and dates for appointments and due dates, never fail, always on time


Aquire and apply knowledge at the highest level to be able to give the best service and results